Aluminum Fence Installation

Ornamental Aluminum Fence Installation

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Action Fence can help you with your aluminum fencing needs.  One of the greatest things about these long lasting beautiful products is that there are many options to choose from. So many in fact that their greatest strength can become a hinderance to you.  Our professional team can help you make the right choice in selecting the perfect pre-fabricated or custom aluminum fence panels to best fit your needs, budget, property, and style desires.

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A fence made of ornamental aluminum not only makes your property look great, but it also significantly improves the security of your property.

Discover the Finish that Endures Weather Conditions and also Matches Your Unique Requirements

There are three major alternatives when thinking about the finish for you fence that’s best for you.

  1. Primed and Painted
  2. Powder Coated
  3. Pre-galvanized & Powder Coated

The choice of many consumers and one that Action Fence highly endorses is Powder Coated. Our supply of aluminum fences is extremely high tech, has great pricing, and implements technologies borrowed from commercial revolutions and even NASA! Learn more about the history of fences.

Powder coating involves using:

  • Finely ground particles
  • Pigments or colors
  • Electrostatically charged resin
  • Electrically grounded fencing

Black Aluminum Fence

This process allows for the coating to be cured in an oven and fused into the fence itself. This process creates a product hundreds of times more durable than any painting process ever could hope to be and is a true revolution.

One of the considerations some people forget about during their selection process is the the region in which we live.  In Georgia and Tennessee, we experience a very diverse set of weather conditions from UV filled sunny days, to cold snow filled days.  Powder coating includes UV stability, as well as corrosion protection, and is a great material for our area. It’s suitable for aluminum pool fencing, or as a garden fence as well.  Another of our products offering UV stability is vinyl. Click the link for more information.

rusted iron fenceAluminum is a Great Substitute for Iron

Raw steel that is keyed and painted is the least expensive finish alternative. Although it is cheaper, it is not advised in the Georgia or Tennessee environments. It simply doesn’t hold up to the climate which allows it to fade, rust, and corrode way faster then a fence that has a powder covered surface.  If you’d like to explore wood, click here to learn about our strongly built Action wood fences instead.

Book an appointment today to talk to an elite member of our team by giving us a call today at 423-842-8700.  Also available is aluminum fence repairs.

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