Chain Link Fence Installation

Action Chain-Link for Your Security

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Action Fence has installed chain link fence projects in every size and level of complexity for both residences and commercial properties in the Tennessee and Georgia region.  This has included ball parks, prisons, and our always popular residential chain link fences.  Chainlinks are a type of fence that is woven together in a zig-zag pattern, giving them an immense strength and high security factor.

Affordable and Durable

Widely used for security for a reason… They are affordable, effective, and durable.  Plus, because we have installed these products in so many residential and commercial complexes, we understand exctly how to install them in a way that keeps both your HOA or commercial contractor happy.

Plus, you might not realize it but they can greatly vary in height, pattern, and overall look.  This is accomplished through material choice, finish or coating choice, coating thickness, and pattern of woven materials..  With a few modifications, we can even give this product a high sense of privacy you might not have realized was possible.  We can use a variety of coatings to meet your budget and design needs, and can build to heights varying from as little as 4 feet to as tall as 12 feet or taller for custom fences.

Simple Wierd Trick Saves You Big Money on Your Fencing

Plus, a simple wierd trick we use to save our customers big money on their projects while still allowing them the choice to create good looking properties is to combine your durable and secure chainlink fence with a more asthetically beautiful vinyl fence or nature inspired wooden fence on the front of the property, while rounding off the sides and back of the property with chain-link.  Another great front of the property fence might be one from our collection of ornamental commercial aluminum and residential fences, also known for their durability and beauty.

Barbed Wire for Those Times When So Much is on The Line

When additional security is necessary, we can install barbed wire on top of your fence. Additionally, the inclusion of razor ribbon, spiraled around the group of strands and run down along side can be placed on fences eight feet and higher.

Entry Gateways and Exit Gates

Action Fence also can include entry and exit gateways, as well as driveway gates.  These options include keypad systems, gate operators keypads, and telephone entry technology.

Ready to book a free chain link fence consultation? Give us a call today at 423-842-8700.  We also offer chain link fence repair in certain situations.